GENiSYSS Capsule Expanded

GENiSYSS has developed an easy way to store both the priceless memories and the “whole” person by combining digital memory storage (similar to a thumb drive) with DNA room-temperature storage,US Patent No. 8,806,127 and Patent pending. Before now, storing DNA meant having access to a lab with special freezers in which test tubes containing your DNA sample were stored. That’s all in the past.

Instead, now you can keep control of your DNA sample without the freezers and without paying a lab to store it. Why would you want to store your DNA? That’s a very good question!

As science continues to discover the secrets held within our DNA, who knows what will be possible! Already, DNA tests can help find generations of your family tree. Other tests can help identify predispositions to disease. If you knew there was a good chance of developing diabetes or even cancer, perhaps, as medical science continues to discover new preventative treatments, you could stop it before it becomes evident in your life.

What if your grand children could benefit from better understanding your DNA? Maybe a disease could be healed or anticipated to avoid the problem all together! Certainly, DNA stores information about our heritage, and in the future, more doors will unlock.

What is a DNA well?

GENiSYSS Priceless Memories

GENiSYSS has two core patented products, a 4-well and 8-well, each well storing the whole of DNA safely and easily at ordinary room temperature for a very long time. All that is needed is a very tiny drop of blood from a simple finger prick.

DNA stored in our system of collection for over 10 years has been tested successfully to provide unaltered, high quality human identification data. Because the material we use in our DNA collection wells has not yet shown degradation over time, its longevity is indefinite and continuing.

Each DNA storage well can be used for different family members, or one entire GENiSYSS Capsule, with its multiple wells, can be dedicated to one family member. This would facilitate storing one person’s DNA from different ages in their life. Why would you want to store the same person’s DNA more than once? That’s a good question.

Science has discovered that although the basic DNA helix stays the same and is unique to each individual, there are parts of the DNA that can change over a lifetime. Single “nucleotides” of the DNA can change in response to the chemical attack in which we live. Whether those chemicals and sources of radiation are air-born from the artificial materials, plastics and fabrics around us, from microwave, cell phones and other devices or from hormones in the food fed to animals we eat, our DNA can mutate ultimately causing cancer and other diseases.

So, with the future holding knowledge about DNA and medical treatments that are not yet available but could be within our lifetime, would it be good to store multiple “versions” of our DNA from different stages in our life? That’s an answer for you to decide.

The beauty of the GENiSYSS capsules is that they also contain memory storage, similar to a thumb drive but with proprietary software on-board. People can easily store a whole life through DNA and the treasured memories, images, audios, videos, fingerprints, medical records, family tree, genealogy and more.

Introducing our Family of Capsules:

GENiSYSS capsules
  • GENiSYSS Child Safety CapsuleBe Prepared
  • GENiSYSS Family Vault CapsuleRemember and store the DNA for your whole family with the memories and genealogy.
  • GENISYSS Generations CapsuleEnjoy a larger memory to store all the priceless memories for your immediate family and grandparents, the family tree, medical history and more. Also get your choice of an accessory to display your “time capsule” on your fireplace mantel or bookshelf.

Genome research is combating disease. Our DNA not only helps identify encoded health characteristics today but could save the lives of future generatons. Be progressive and get our Family Vault now. The size of a thumb, it carries boundless ancestry information between DNA, saved memories and medical history. By storing your DNA and that of your family members together with important information, you could save a family member’s life later on.

Our Child Safety Capsule is designed to keep crucial information quickly accessible, including DNA, just in case the worst nightmare occurs and your child is lost. Fast reaction, ease of access and quick delivery to first responders, including law enforcement and medical, can save an abducted child’s life. Make certain you have all the information possible to find the child. Keep the Child Safety Capsule hanging from your key chain. For a total solution, save money and get both the Child Safety and the Family Vault Capsules together.

The Generations Capsule gives you more memory for more history, more stories told, more priceless memories in video, audio, pictures. You can upload ancestry software to maintain the family tree over time and by future family members. AND you can choose an accessory to feature the “time capsule” on your fireplace mantel or on a bookshelf. What a great conversation piece!