The GENiSYSS DNA Vault is both a DNA and digital data storage device. The digital memory allows you to store files like photos, voice, video, family tree, genealogy, medical information, fingerprints, and much more. The device also allows you to store and preserve DNA. Why is DNA storage important? Beyond the obvious applications of family ancestry and child safety, storing and preserving your DNA is more important than you think. Genomics, the study of DNA and our genes is one of the most rapidly growing fields of research. Recently, the Mayo Clinic released an article describing the 10 reasons why the genome matters for diagnosis and treatment.

Put the power of DNA into the palm of your hand.

The Future of Precision Medicine

DNA storage - DNA strand DNA research promises to reveal our wildest imaginings to combat disease and discover new secrets deeply wrapped inside DNA where we have yet to explore. Within our lifetimes, there will be discoveries that will change medicine, how we predict conditions, and treat them. DNA storage will be a necessary action in combating disease for you and your family. DNA research is so rapidly progressing that it’s reasonable to say that it could be less than a decade before DNA is an accepted part of medical diagnostics and prevention treatment. Already, we know that portions of our DNA can change over our lifetime. Micro-portions of the DNA nucleotides can mutate as a result of the chemical attack in which we live. Chemicals and sources of radiation are all around us including artificial materials, plastics and fabrics, microwave, cell phones and other devices as well as hormones we ingest from the food fed to animals we eat. Our DNA can mutate ultimately causing cancer and other diseases. By storing our DNA over our lifetime, it’s conceivable that science may be able to use DNA from earlier stages in our life that is “healthier” than current, possibly damaged, DNA. At the very least, medical professionals would be able to see how our DNA has changed over time. Also, storing the DNA of the loved seniors in your family is vital because their information could be important to your children’s future. As we just explained, not only is the field of predictive medicine expanding, preventative medicine is also evolving. Research is discovering ways to combat disease by analyzing DNA and creating “blocks” to prevent the expression of predicted conditions. Your parents’ and your DNA could be the key.

Our Family Memories Are Important

GENiSYSS Parents - DNA storage at any age Our families are our most important relationships. Our heritage and family tree are important to many of us. Now we understand that it’s coded as our DNA. Finding out who we are through DNA testing is already a practice by many who research their family tree through genealogy. Some ancestry research organizations provide DNA testing to help track lineages and even find living family relatives. So far, spit tests have been used, yet storing buccal (spit) swabs can be less stable over time and require temperature control in a lab freezer that does not defrost. You pay for storage and have no access to it other than through the lab. Plus, it has a life span that is short, especially in comparison with the GENiSYSS DNA Vault. Our products store the whole DNA at room temperature over years, even decades. No other existing technology can accomplish this.

Child Safety and Priceless Memories

GENiSYSS Child - Begin DNA storage early As parents and grandparents, we focus on providing for and keeping our children safe. Yet, despite our best work, we worry. We remember the time that our child got away from us in the store or at the park and the helpless feeling of panic and fear we felt until we found them hand-in hand with a kind person helping look for us. That same sense of helplessness can reappear when our own parents face their transition from this life. Did we capture the memories and the gifts they shared with us over time? Is there a way we can preserve those beautiful memories and maybe even a piece of who they were? Be prepared by getting a GENiSYSS Vault, which is ideal for both child safety and preserving priceless memories. Store the information that’s crucial for early responders to a lost child, including DNA. Keep the priceless memories of a lifetime that you cherish in the forms of images, video, voice, family tree, medical history and more, including DNA, which is unique to each person.