GENiSYSS LLC is a biotechnology company utilizing patented technology for a revolutionary new product that combines DNA dry storage together with digital memory. No other product is available to the public that has access to this technology or the ability to safely store DNA for multiple people on one device with the digital memory for images, videos, audios, medical history, family tree and more. It’s DNA on a drive.

The Vision

Richard Brownell standing

Richard A. Brownell, with over 30 years of leadership experience in the aerospace industry, is the visionary and CEO of GENiSYSS. Richard is also a parent and grandparent. He was mowing his lawn when the GENiSYSS concept first came to him. Not able to shake the vision of bringing people together to save and preserve life, he embarked on a journey to connect with other well-known leaders, this time in biotechnology.

The result is the family of GENiSYSS Vaults, each designed to store DNA while also keeping treasured memories, images, video, audio, medical history, fingerprints, genealogy, the family tree and more on digital memory. Custom encrypted, password-protected software on-board the memory helps you collect and store the important information to keep together with your DNA. Essentially, Mr. Brownell has accomplished “storing life” on a single device the size of a thumb drive.

Our Science

GENiSYSS research science

Early on Richard’s path to “store life,” he contacted Dr. Michael Hogan to discuss his idea. Dr. Hogan not only encouraged Richard to continue, he also became a member of the Board of Advisors. With a PhD in molecular biophysics and biochemistry from Yale with post-doctoral at Stanford, he is now the Chief Science Advisor for GENiSYSS. You can read more about Dr. Hogan’s background by clicking here.

GENiSYSS uses a patented fibrous material on which a single drop of blood can be stored indefinitely and without any biohazard. The patented material kills all viruses and bacteria that may be in the blood. What’s more, the single drop deposits full genomes of DNA on the fibers making it possible to use the same stored drop for multiple access and tests on the stored DNA. Learn more about the science behind GENiSYSS by clicking this link.

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GENiSYSS is Dedicated to Saving Children.

Originally, because Mr. Brownell is a grandfather of 13, his vision to “store life” focused on helping children in need. GENiSYSS has formed relationships with multiple organizations interested in the well-being of families and children. Among these is the Klaas Kids Foundation, a nonprofit helping families of missing, abducted children, and the Fireball Run. Every year, Ron Ferguson, a GENiSYSS team member, participates in the Fireball Run, an Adventu-Rally designed to help find missing children. For 4 years straight, Ron’s Team DeLorean has helped locate a missing child.