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The FIREBALL RUN Adventu-rally Series is an action packed, 2200+ mile, epic, road adventure across the United States. This year, in October 2015, 40 rally teams competed in the 8 day, life-sized trivia game where the team is the pawn, and America serves as the game board.

The mission is always to help recover the nation’s missing children. Each team is assigned a different missing child. While solving game clues picked up from town to town, they distribute flyers at every opportunity to raise awareness to aid in the recovery of that missing child. Billed as the “Race to Recover America’s Missing Children”, it is the largest awareness campaign in the country, and has aided in the recovery of 43 missing children to date.

Team DeLorean Fireball Run 2013

Our own GENiSYSS team member, Ron Ferguson, participates every year. His Team DeLorean has been responsible for helping find three children since 2010.

Every Fireball Run team is assigned a child missing from their home region. While competing in the adventure to find the child, it’s their mission to distribute 1000 posters throughout the journey to raise awareness and aid in the recovery of that missing child. This year, Team DeLorean distributed information to find Alyssa and Arianna Watson.

2014-Fireball Run Alyssa-Watson 2014-Fireball Run Arianna-WatsonAnnually, Fireball Run distributes nearly 75,000 posters and, to date, has aided in the recovery effort of an unprecedented 43 missing children. The Fireball Run Adventu-rally gets $29 million in media exposure for the Race to Recover America’s Missing Children – the country’s largest and longest “active recovery effort” for missing and abducted children. Your organization can help by sponsoring a car.

To watch the event as a live stream, click here. To visit the Team DeLorean Facebook page, click here.

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