GENiSYSS Parents Your life is important. Your DNA is important. Together, they create a picture of you that has medical and sentimental value for you, your children and future generations. You don’t need to know all the details about DNA to know that you’re helping yourself and your family by creating a time capsule of you. Your genome (DNA) can be safely stored on a small square patch of special, patented material on a thumb-drive sized device that includes digital memory. Our patented DNA Vault includes encrypted, password-protected software on-board the digital memory to step you through the information that is valuable to keep together with your DNA. Later in your life, when medical professionals look at your DNA in order to diagnose, treat, even prevent disease, they will find a DNA history together with the crucial information about lifestyle changes and more. You see, GENiSYSS DNA Vaults are designed to make a complex subject, therapeutic DNA, easy and affordable to address. Your family’s and your own health could rely on having a complete DNA history that includes each member of the family. Why? Because DNA Changes. The chemical makeup of DNA can change due to our daily exposure to the sun, pollution, chemicals, even stress. Damaged DNA is associated with disease. So DNA you store now may be used to help you and others in your family later in your lifetime or for future generations. GENiSYSS DNA Vault Start right now by getting the Vault that’s the right size to accommodate your family or for just you alone. Add a tiny drop of blood from you and each family member to the Vault’s DNA dry wells. Each participating member will have at least one of their own unique DNA well. Later, in a few years, add more DNA samples from the same people to the empty wells. Then, if later in life DNA is needed for disease treatment or prevention, medical professionals will have a complete history to review. It will be helpful in case of emergency, too, because the information saved together with DNA and fingerprints could help medical and law enforcement early responders. GENiSYSS Generations DNA Vault

Your Personal History is Important, too.

It goes without saying, that if it goes without saying, it’s gone. The beauty of GENiSYSS DNA Vaults is that there’s plenty of space on the digital memory to add much more than just medical information. Save those wonderful memories and stories you want to pass along. Include your genealogy and family tree. You may decide to get help from a personal historian to help record your stories in video, audio or as a digital book. Marcia Orland is one such a person who has experience and beautiful success helping people record their personal histories. Click on her name, or research “personal historians” in your area. Whether you choose someone to help or do it yourself, it makes a beautiful gift of “you” to pass forward to future generations. Do not miss this opportunity to store your life and the life of loved ones for their own and future generations’ benefit.