Storing Life: Your DNA, Your Data, In Your Possession!
Why Store DNA?

Health and Fitness
Personalized Medicine
Child Identification and Protection
Time Capsule and Legacy
Laboratory and Research


Our patented DNA Vault is the only product that allows you to inexpensively store physical DNA and related personal or medical information together on one device that remains in your possession.


Your DNA...Stored

Each vault has a number of specially designed wells that store DNA samples at room temperature. Your stored DNA can then be extracted and the genome sequenced at a lab of your choice. Important applications could include:

  • Targeted medical treatment (including epigenetics)
  • Study of how DNA changes chemically over a lifetime (methylation)
  • Targeted health and fitness regimens
  • Genealogical reporting and ability to pass stored DNA to future generations (digital scrapbook)
  • Positive identification cross check for missing persons (children, Alzheimer’s patients, MIA, or KIA)
  • Newborns to Senior Citizens; agriculture to animals; viruses to insects

Your Data...Stored & Secured

DNA is playing an increasingly important role in our lives today. So is making sure your personal information is secure. The flash drive on the DNA vault is encrypted and password protected. Your “digital-vault” can protect whatever information you put on the drive including:

  • Medical reports and imaging
  • Copies of your passport, driver’s license, other ID
  • Genealogical data, digital photos
  • Research papers, criminology reports
  • Other personal or business information (tax returns; estate or living trust documents, etc)

Control & Portability

One of the most important features of the GENiSYSS DNA Vault is that you have complete control of the Vault and its contents. You provide the DNA sample whenever you are ready and retain possession of the vault. You transfer whatever digital information you want to put on the encrypted flash drive and again, you keep the vault. It is yours to manage as you wish. Your DNA sample can be transported to a laboratory for analysis and resulting data can be entered directly to your DNA Vault.


The GENiSYSS DNA Vault offers room temperature DNA storage and co-located digital data on a flash drive which is encrypted and password protected. The ability to store and transport, at room temperature, provides significant cost savings in sample management. By completely eliminating the need for expensive freezing methods, the DNA Vault is an exceptional value. By offering this product at a reasonable price, GENiSYSS opens the door to those for whom the benefits and applications of DNA storage and transportation have been limited by the cost.

GENiSYSS is Dedicated to Child Safety

  • KlaasKids LogoThe Klaas Kids Foundation has reviewed and discussed the GENiSYSS Child DNA Vault at length. We believe that it is superior to any other product in the market. The KlaasKids Foundation fully endorses and supports the GENiSYSS Child DNA Vault as an important method to store and have rapid access to information needed by law enforcement and medical responders in child abduction cases. Marc Klaas
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The Fireball Run is an important event each year where our own Ron Ferguson and Team DeLorean race to help draw attention and distribute information to find abducted children. Every year, for 4 years straight, Team DeLorean has successfully blazed the trail to help find the missing child assigned to them and to increasing recognition for the cause.